Mim can be a difficult person to be friends with. She’s stubborn and belligerent, but she’s also loyal and brave. Mim is Sabrina’s best friend and Redbird’s older sister.


Sabrina has her feet firmly on the ground and she tries to keep Mim’s there too. Sabrina is Mim’s best friend and just wants to keep her safe and out of trouble.


Redbird is on a mission. She might be our youngest character but she’s not going to let that stop her. Redbird goes where she wants and takes what she wants. She’s super sneaky. Redbird is Mim’s little sister.


Laura is 16 going on thirty. She’s had a tough life in the city but all she cares about is providing for her cousin.


Laura’s cousin Oyster loves nothing more than his huge collection of books. He’s a smart cookie but will he ever get to use those smarts?


Pete is Sabrina’s father. He doesn’t really understand her friendship with Mim as he thinks her family are troublemakers.


Janet is Sabrina’s mother. She wants to protect Sabrina from the darker elements of life and wishes her husband would think before he speaks.


Mim and Redbird’s Dad
Who is Mim and Redbird’s Dad? All we know so far is that he spends a lot of time smoking and sleeping on the sofa.