About the Comic

Way Below the World is a webcomic written by Kate Whiteside and drawn by Melanie Jones.  The story follows best friends Mim and Sabrina as they try to escape the sinister forces growing in their post-global-disaster hometown. When the two girls run away, Mim’s little sister Redbird is left behind to fend for herself in a town full of seen and unseen threats. Way Below the World is a story about female friendship in a dystopian landscape.

Full chapters of the comic are posted when they are ready and we aim to post 4 chapters a year.

About the Artists

Kate and Melanie met and became friends whilst studying for a Creative Writing degree at Birkbeck College. Kate loves writing dialogue and Melanie loves to draw so they decided to work on this webcomic together, adapting one of Kate’s screenplays.

This is our first ever webcomic and our first ever collaboration. We hope you enjoy it!

Contact Us

Give us an email at waybelowtheworld@gmail.com  


Twitter – @waybelowcomic




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